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WEBIND - A startup IT company established by a group of passionate Web Engineering students from the Technological University of Chemnitz. We try to bring some impact on the web industry and conduct a revolution to the traditional business pattern. We are binding to new technologies and trends, making people’s life smarter within web and devices. In a word, we bind the future.

  • Project Analysis
  • Creating new Ideas
  • Building Projects
  • Collecting User Experience
  • Make Quality Products

Our Plan

We work with diverse cultural,highly motivated people who are collaborative and focused on delivering value for our clients, and we believe that makes the chance to learn from all of them-supportive, approachable leaders and colleagues with deep market relevant skills and expertise. So get ready to bring your best ideas.

Our Vision

We want to become a leading company and revolutionize the way of web related developments from Saxony by 2021.

Our Plan

Solid application deriving from social linked data and building decentralized web application.

Our Mission

Creativity and innovation continue to drive us forward in our belief that we can create smart solution to interact people with new generation web and devices.

Our Values

let's focus on our Core values.

PMA is the key to harmony

In team working, it is important to have every member work with PMA positive mental attitude. To better communicating with each other, we shall always be ready to hear people’s advice and respect them. In order to maintain a healthy financial status, we should be active about our tasks and proactive to unknown challenges.

Curiosity is the bridge to Innovation

We want to break the existing pattern of either people’s mindset or the industrial routine. We shall always be active to learn new things, always eager to seek more above achievements, never be afraid about the failure. Sometimes, be weird, think out of the box, we will find a brand new possibility to the solution.

Efficiency is the shortcut to success

To be the first market mover, efficiency is very important. Team members should be on time and have clear time plan about following tasks. Meanwhile, team members should be quick in: fast prototyping, quick react to changes.sometimes when we made a bad decision, we abandon it also quick to manage time complexity.

User experience is the foundation of our existence

As a startup company, our purpose is to serve our users.User’s satisfaction always comes first and for that make continual improvement and keep our services up to date. Meanwhile, we focus on the cost efficiency to provide our customer the best quality with a relative lower cost.

Let’s See Our Project # SOLID


Solid is an exciting new project led by Prof. Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, taking place at MIT. The project aims to radically change the way Web applications work today, resulting in true data ownership as well as improved privacy.

  • True data ownership

    Users should have the freedom to choose where their data resides and who is allowed to access it.

  • Modular design

    Users will be able to avoid vendor lock-in, seamlessly switching between apps and personal data storage servers, without losing any data or social connections.

  • Reusing existing data

    Developers will be able to easily innovate by creating new apps or improving current apps, all while reusing existing data that was created by other apps.

  • Linked data

    Solid connects resources in different pods by representing all data as Linked Data.

  • Turtle Syntax

    Linked Data is typically represented in RDF, the Resource Description Framework. RDF has different syntaxes; we will use the Turtle syntax.


    Rdflib is a general toolbox for doing most things for linked data. It can store data, parse and serialize data into various formats, and keep track of changes to the data coming from the app or from the server.

How It Works

Here, you can get more idea about practical way of linked data.



Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.

Mayur Lakhani


Yichen Wang


Dattatreya Bhosle


Aditya Shukla


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Location: 09126, Chemnitz
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